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We specialise in the visualisation of architectural and construction projects. Projects can be hard to interpret from basic plans and our goal is to be the link between your plans and your build. Through creating state of the art imagery and animations we can bring your given project and designs to life. Photo realistic imagery provides huge time and cost saving benefits to both the architect and the developer. Our images can be used in a variety of ways to assist your construction project, including, facilitation of planning applications to gain approvals in quicker time frames, design development before construction begins, assessment and determination of material types or as a  marketing tool for advertising projects before the ground is even broken. Marketed in many was such as brochures. hoarding, and signage. All of which can be produced here in house and offered as one package. 

Russell Perry

Founder, Owner

After leaving Portsmouth University as a 3d Animator I started working for Bill Ledger Animations and then Scott Wilson (now AECOM) as a 3D Visualiser. I was Head 3D Illustrator for CCFE (EFDA), working on Europe’s largest Fusion site responsible for the creation of all 3D Illustrations of ‘JET’ (Joint European Torus, Europe’s Largest fusion device) and ‘Mast’ (United Kingdom’s largest fusion device). My first role was to develop a method of creating photo realistic images of the new machine, images that have never been seen before allowing people to see the new. These images have been used for many forms of publicity: in Science Works magazine; exhibitions at the Science Museum London; The of Future Science and Energy lecture presented by Prince William and in TV documentaries by Physicist Brian Cox.


Subsequently I spent time at Squire & Partners working with the architects developing design visuals for the new Chelsea Barracks development in London before moving to  Chapman Taylor as a 3d Designer and visualiser. This position allowed me to grow as both a designer and a visualiser on a long list of projects internationally and in the UK including mixed-use projects in Milan, Russia, South Korea and the Middle East. I have also acted as a designer and Visualiser for several large cinema projects in Dubai, working on the Dubai Mall Cinema refurbishment, Jebal Ali, Le Pointe and Springs Village, the latter incorporating Guy Fiery dining Cinemas.

Kelly Jayne Allen

Marketing / Administration 

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